Functions for LED lights:
  • 1, Try-me switch, which offers customer to test the lighting effect even when there is no 2AA batteries in battery compartment. In fact, there is CR2032 cell battery connected to try-me switch and it’s invisible. We strongly suggest it when items are sold in gift shops or stores.
  • 2, Timer, which makes LED light up for longer time. There are 3 options, ①4hours on, 20hours off, ②6hours on, 18hours off, ③8hours on, 16hours off.
  • 3, Knock switch, which gives more fun to the prints, as the lights on or off can be controlled by knock.
  • 4, Blow out sensor, the candles on LED prints can be blew out like real candle with this function.
  • 5, light sensor/smart sensor, LED lights are on or off automatically according to the lighting.
  • 6, Remote control, which helps customer turn on/turn off the lights in 2 meters distance.
  • 7, Music chip, which will make the prints more interesting and your own music is accepted.
  • All prints can be added above functions, Welcome to contact us for more details or videos.